Charcoal is the key to a perfect hookah smoking experience. The coals have to provide even heat to the tobacco in the hookah, while also giving you longevity, and little to no ash. The tobacco smoke from the hookah is should be heated and not burned. Good charcoal goes hand in hand with having good quality shisha tobacco

So the question remains with so many different kinds of charcoal which one is best for you.

Traditional Wood Charcoal
Wood charcoals are the most traditional form of hookah charcoal. There are several varieties of wood-charcoal and some use fragrant wood to make the charcoal.

Natural Coals
Natural lighting coals are made out of a variety of materials icluding coconuts and less exotic wood such as oak. Since they are all natural they do not contain any extra chemicals to help them light and require a coil burner to get started, and typically last longer. Natural coals are smoke-less, odorless, and have much less ash then quicklights. They stay lit for about 20-30 min and take about 5 min to start.
Quicklight Charcoals
Quicklights coals are all about convenience and can be lite on using a small lighters flame. They are normally have much more ash then naturals and have a slight odor from burning the easy-light chemical additives. They also don't last as long as naturals with about a 15 min light time.

Japanese Style Silver Coated Coals
These coals combine the benefits of quicklights with the longevity and ash qualitys of the naturals. Easy light Jap-Style coals have a silver coating that helps reflect heat back into the coal, and flakes off when the coal is ready for smoking. While you will need to hold these coals in a flame until several of the corners are glowing nicely, you don’t need to expose the coal to constant heat as you would a natural coal.